Sunday, 21 June 2015


In a little bit more than one month I'll be back in my hometown for summer holidays! A big YUPPIE!!
I can't wait for see my family, friends, my lake and eat a lot of good food.
But my husband and I have also a mission for this summer because we will finally have our own house, but we need to decorate it!

If this mission doesn't sound fantastic for my husband I'm very excited! I'm so excited that I've already started to make wishlists and what-to-buy lists, surfing all interior websites.

I made so many notes that I thought to share with you some of my favourite websites. Maybe also some of you are in my same situation (poor husbands!)

This selection of cute things comes from Mench Living. With about ten shopping sections (from bathroom to kitchen, from kids to stationary) this website is a source of treasures

I picked six favourites but if I have to be honest my lists would be longer than this! Have a look and tell me if you spot any other cute gadgets that I missed it. 

1. Button Trivet (here) | 2. Set of Baskets (here) | 3. Utensils Set (here) | 4. Ombre Notebooks (here) | 5. Oak Wall Hook / Knob- Coco (here) | 6. Stickers (here)

Friday, 19 June 2015

Beauty Notes

Do you know when you feel very tired, you look at mirror and what it reflects is a woman older than your real age? When it happens to me the only think that I wish to have is an ereaser to literally cancel dark eyes and winkles from my face. 

Well, I found my magic ereaser. It's called Lancome Teint Miracle Pen

No, I don't want to say that it makes miracles, despite its name. It cannot bring you back to your teenager period! But the product is fabulous.
This concealer pen is able to create points of natural light all over your face. Your skin looks fresher and younger

Lancome Teint Miracle Pen can be used to enhance the make-up look, applying the product under your eyes and blending them with your fingertips.
It can be applied around your nose to conceal redness or around mouth for define lip contour (especially when you use red lipsticks, it can save your contour!!).

It's expensive, 149 qr, but personally I got a tester, I finished it and I bought it again. It's worth every single qatar ryal. 

And then last news of the day. We have a winner for H&M Giveaway, hosted last week on my Facebook and Instagram pages. Congratulation to ANAB KHAN! You have 72 hours to contact me (via email, Facebook or Instagram) in order to claim your prize!

Thursday, 18 June 2015


Hands up if you are fan of Instagram! Well, who is not? 
I started using this social two years ago and my  activity increased a lot when I moved to Doha. It seems that everything here runs on Instagram: news, gossip, invites to events, stores, shopping. Everything-everyone is on Instagram.

It's the most popular social in Middle East. At least till now. In fact, the new entry Snapchat is becoming the most loved social platform between younger (and not only) generations. I downloaded this app and I used it sometimes (My Snapchat Name is bonjourchiara) but I'm still a beginner. 

At the moment I'm more addicted to Instagram! Here some of my favourite photos that I snapped in these past weeks! If you want to see more FOLLOW ME!

Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data:

Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data:

Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data:

Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data:

Una foto pubblicata da Chiara (@bonjourchiara) in data:

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Love Is In The Air… Or Maybe Not!

Do you remember that episode of Sex And The City when Berger broke up with Carrie with a post-it? 
Well if SATC was stil alive I'm sure that Carrie would use this awesome Sophia Webster bubble speech clutch to tell something to Berger!

And maybe I could be not in love with you, but for sure I'm totally in love with this Vika Gazinskaya dress. I love polka dots, I'm a super fan and I wear polka dots prints quite often. So this cute little dress was really made for me!

Here we go, with another very funny shooting. Don't forget to always play with fashion!

Vika Gazinskaya dress available at The Closet, The Pearl
Sophia Webster clutch available at The Closet, The Pearl
Vintage Foulard
Nine West Heels